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Go live outdoors!

Leisure Touch Furniture is a 12 year old business. Over the last years, we have been constantly delivering stylish and functional sofa and fire pits to our project and contract market customers.
Our original designs including but not limited to outdoor sofa sets and patio fire pits, are well received by architecture designers, interior designers, project managers and project procurement officers. Qur products are widely applied to villas, hotels, resorts, rooftops, swimming pools and office buildings. Each year we hold an offline or online pre-market show so that all customers, designers and buyers can have the 1st priority to review our newest designs. This best practice benefits mutually and we are planning to hold one in Germany, followed by our show in Spoga+Gafa, Cologne.

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Outdoor Furniture

In view of the discussions about climate change, the topic of sustainability is becoming more important for garden furniture. In the development of new models today, more and more attention is paid to poly-wood and Olefin fabric since both of them are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
The theme of health is not only prominent at the moment due to the current situation. Nowadays, furnishing one's garden and terrace is a question of ergonomic planning and comfort.
With no-frills and no-add-ons, our products still maintain their value and usefulness. The purist designs of Leisure Touch furniture represent our values of  conciseness and beauty. Many new pieces of our outdoor furniture take on a thoroughly minimalist appearance with brushed aluminum and an industrial style.

Leisure Touch Is All About Innovation And Being Considerate.


Being considerate is our core philosophy to our customers. Your inquiries and questions will be attended promptly and effectively.

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