Leisure Touch-诗悦

诗 literates as poetic which inspires romance, beauty, nature and tranquility. 

悦 originates from ancient China: 6 pleasures of reading Buddhist Scriptures.

Sit, recline, eat, relax or entertain with our furniture,

Cozy and ample experience of 6 pleasures embraces body to mind.

Please yourself, please others.

Best of both worlds—

Beauty of the East and craftsmanship of the West; 

Peace of the East and go-live-outside of the West; 

Meditation of the East and robust of the West.

The art of Fusion and Tai Chi!

Leisure Touch is an outdoor furniturecompany who provides furniture solutions to our valued customers like retailshops, hotels, resorts, restaurants and pubs. 

We have a professional andexperienced R&D team providing original designs and layout proposals for our  customers on a regular basis.

Creativity, effectiveness and enthusiasm are the corecompetency of our teams,  presented in each phase of our designs, production and marketing.